Our entire house is hard wood so we have to try and keep it as protected as we can by using protection on all of our furniture.  Recently we had the chance to try out Seddox’s 127 piece premium felt pads. What I liked best about these were the dark chocolate color and the variety or sizes! Even the strangest or largest sized furniture had a piece that would work out.

Seddox felt pad set boasts guaranteed protection from scratches on your floors, counter tops and furniture.  The set includes 127 pieces – including a bonus pack of 25 rubber bumper pads! (Try saying that 5 times fast…)  When you buy the set you get a really large set of pads of different sizes that can be used for anything – plant pots, lamps, vases, dishes and anything else you can think of! They are resistant to wear and have extra adhesive. They are made of high-density material and are 1/6 inches thick (4mm). A soft adhesive bottom sticks these to furniture for long term use – move your furniture around so much more easily and the pads will stay in place!

These are easy to use – just clean the desired surface, remove the protective film and apply the protectors to a clean, dry surface and you are ready to go!

32 pcs x round 1 inch
32 pcs x square 1×1 inch
24 pcs x round ¾ inch
12 pcs x round 1 ¼ inch
8 pcs x 5 ½ x ½ inch
2 pcs x 5 ½x 4 ½ inch

  • Color – Brown

Pick up a set of your own at Amazon today! I received these products at a deep discount in order to write this review. I was not otherwise compensated.