Filippo Berio’s Olive Oil Masters have decades of experience traveling the world seeking the finest olive oils and they have combined their scientific and artistic skills to create three, distinctly delicious, Filippo Berio Extra Virgin Olive Oil Flavors.  Our new Delicato delivers a mild taste, our new Robusto a bold taste, and our longstanding “traditional” EV imparts a balanced taste already enjoyed by millions of consumers worldwide.

Two more reasons to love Filippo Berio Olive Oil.

Robusto – A bold, full-bodied Extra Virgin Olive oil that adds a lively burst of flavor to a variety of recipes.

An olive oil that contains a select, premium blend of blood-tasting olive oils which provide a strong, vibrant taste.  An intense, fruity flavor is accompanied by a pleasant yet bitter sensation on the tongue and a peppery sensation in the throat.  Robusto offers persistent notes of fresh olives, artichokes, leaves and ripe tomatoes, all of which linger on the plate after swallowing due to this olive oil’s long finish.

Delicato – A milder taste that compliments your favorite dishes, inviting other ingredients to shine through.

An olive oil that contains a select, premium blend of mild-tasting olive oils which provide a smooth, mellow taste.  Delicato delivers a slightly fruity flavor, without the bitterness and pungency often associated with Extra Virgin Olive Oils. A hint of apple and ripe olive notes are present, but disappear soon thereafter, due to this olive oil’s short finish.

We mainly use Olive Oil as our salad dressing and when we made the replacement at Sunday dinner everyone said they thought the salad tasted better, but couldn’t figure out why.

One of the things I learned in the pamphlet I got sent with my package from Influenster was that Olive Oil is also healthy for you in addition to tasting great.  A magnet with conversions for using olive oil instead of butter or margarine was included and while I have not tried any of the substitutions yet, I am looking forward to trying it.


I received this product for free in exchange for this review through Influenster. I was not otherwise compensated.