I love giving gifts in gift bags, it makes awkward sized packages so much easier to carry, but I’m always not sure what kind of tissue paper to use in order to make the bag look even more festive.  Just plain white? Or should I go all out with colors?

For $15.90 on Amazon you can get a package of high quality deluxe colored tissue paper that is used by merchants and craft enthusiasts alike.  The first thing I noticed about this package when I opened it was how much heavier it is than other tissue paper I have used in the past.  The colors are well organized and packaged to avoid being damaged in transit and they are heavyweight and larger than the sheets you may be used to.

The sheets are 19 2/3 by 29 1/2. They won’t tear as easy as other sheets and the package contains 25 colors and a total of 100 sheets.

In addition to using them for gift wrapping, I am thinking about using them for some of my scrapbook projects as well.  You know how much I love confetti… I think this paper would make some great confetti to add to scrapbook pages and I’m sure there are a lot of other possibilities as well!

I received this product at a deep discount in order to write this review, I was not otherwise compensated.

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