On the first day of the event, we woke up to get our event passes.  Everyone is split into either Red or Green groups.  My friends and I decided we wanted to be green, but of course red was being given out first.  We hung around a bit to see what the merch package was – the usual bag (orange this year!), towel and shirt (white for tie dying).  Those returning for their 2nd year got a pineapple pin, 3rd year got sunglasses (of course a bit different than the ones I got last year) and 4th years got what we were calling the “$8000 visor.”  It was red with an embroidered Hanson symbol pineapple on it.  I kind of wish it was a hat instead, because I didn’t bring one and was worried the top of my head might get sunburned – something a visor would not help with!

After breakfast  I went to the beach to find Holly and Rachel who were going to go snorkeling and wanted me to come along.  I changed into my water shoes so my sneakers wouldn’t get ruined and when I was trying to figure out how to get on the boat the captain told me he would carry me on!  Holly teased that I already had something for my 2016 Anti-Bucket List now.  The girls went out snorkeling and I watched from on the boat.  After snorkeling we went in the pool near my (new) room and I was excited that it was only the 1st day and I’d already done 2 things I hadn’t done at any of the past events – ride a boat and get in the pool. (The first year I made it on the pool steps but never got into the poll)

There were rumors that Hanson would be doing soundcheck at 3pm so I headed to the beach for a bit. Of course, soundcheck didn’t start until more like 6.  It was interesting to see and hear the soundcheck – at first it did not sound good at all and Taylor even mentioned that so they played Georgia without the mics on to try and fix the levels which was pretty weird to watch.

After soundcheck we grabbed dinner, I watched Rachel and David play some pool and the headed down to the stage.  The way the stage was set up, I was able to squeeze a chair into the front row in front of the handicapped section which was a great spot!

More on the first night’s show coming up in my next post!

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