The first night of the event was the Welcome show.  I managed to get front row for this show and had no idea what to expect.  In the past we had been given themes for the shows or we were asked to vote on songs we would like to hear, but this year we didn’t have any of that so it would be a surprise.  The set was a mix of Members Only songs and some of the lesser played Hanson songs as well.  The set had almost no covers which was a bit of a surprise – but the reasoning behind that became obvious a couple days later 😉

The guys are a lot more loose during these events that are for Members, they goof off and make up silly songs and this show was no exception. Hand In Hand went from “I’m not going to sit around just waiting for you to get over this all” to “I’m not going to sit around just waiting for you to see star wars” and Isaac may have mentioned a few spoilers before they sang it. I haven’t seen it yet but I probably won’t realize what he spoiled until I do get around to seeing it.

Since last year we had “Sand In My Crevice” this year they mentioned it was nice to not have that problem but somehow I think the made up song turned into something about Zac’s butt crack? I’m not really sure. It was hard to hear some of the vocals due to where I was sitting at times.

Overall I thought that this show was a nice mix, a little bummed it had nothing I had never heard in it, but thought it was a great welcome to the island show.
Back To The Island
Dance Like You Don’t Care
Waiting For This
I’ve Got Soul
Been There Before
Underneath (acoustic)
Love Song (acoustic)
Go (acoustic)
Strong Enough To Break (acoustic)
Got a Hold On Me
Hand in Hand
You Never Know
You Cant Stop Us
Tearing It Down
If Only
Lost Without Each Other
Sound of Light

White Collar Crime