Throwback Thursday: Hanson 3/2/07

Headliner: Hanson
Opener(s): The Cringe
Venue: Toad’s Place
Cost: $28


Great Divide
Been There Before
Lost Without Each Other
This Time Around
You Never Know
Dying To Be Alive
Ive Been Down
The Walk
Blue Sky
Wheres The Love
Running Man
Penny and Me
Feeling Alright
Your Illusion
Tearing It Down
Something Going Round
Watch Over Me
Rock N Roll Razorblade


This show was part of a small preview tour promoting their album “The Walk” before it was released. This was also one of the few shows they had performed “Tearing It Down” at live, that is until it was brought out of the vault on the Roots and Rock N Roll tour this past fall. These are probably some of the most The Walk heavy setlists they have ever done, since as of late they do very few songs from this album live.  I remember being very excited that they did Feeling Alright during this show.

And it must be noted that the opener wins for worst Hanson opener – EVER.  The Cringe lived up to their name.  This is also Rachael Ray’s husband’s band.  I think they were originally supposed to be playing in a smaller room at the venue but for whatever reason ended up getting added as Hanson’s opener instead.

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