Product Review: Silk’N Flash & Go Express

I’m sure most women have had a time where they thought about going for permanent hair removal for their underarms, legs or maybe some other parts of their bodies as well, I know I have.  That’s why when Influenster sent a survey about hair removal I was all for trying out whatever they would send me.

I was chosen for the Silk’N Flash & Go Express Vox Box which contained the Hair Removal system to try out. After reading the instructions a few times, I was nervous to try it. I decided I would start with my under arms and move on to my legs depending on how things went.  I took a couple of weeks to build up the nerve and the finally made sure that my underarms were clean and shaved and decided to give it a go.  You do have to wait a couple weeks based on the instructions in between the first few treatments, so I have only done about 3 – but now that I know how it works things go much quicker because I am not standing there flinching thinking it may hurt.  (I did feel a sensation the first couple of times, but it was nothing major at all and I haven’t felt it on the later treatments)

I have noticed that the underarm hair is taking a bit longer to grow in than usual.  Eventually, it should stop growing back all together! I can’t wait for that.

I received this product for free from Influenster in order to write this review.

A rare video review where you can see me!


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