This year the special guests were Paul McDonald and Parachute.  I was very excited for Paul to be a guest again and while I hadn’t seen Parachute live before I had heard great things so I was looking forward to their performance as well!

Due to the thunderstorm the night before, Paul’s set got bumped to 8pm instead of 10pm.  He did most of the tracks off his new EP, Slow Rising as well as a couple of newer tracks.  One of the new ones, Something I Don’t Already Know, had me near tears… he got so into it as well… and to top it off, someone in the crowd yelled “FUCK THAT BITCH” perfectly timed as the song ended. I hope that ends up on YouTube and I think Paul does too…

For his last song he did some Bob Marley Three Little Birds with some MMMBop mixed in for good measure.

Paul’s set had me so emotional, I don’t really remember much of Parachute’s set.  The lead singer, Will, is a Hanson Fan Boy and was talking about how much he loved Lost Without Each Other and hoped they would play it.  When he was informed that they did it last night, he was bummed that they did and there would be no repeats – but happy for us that there would be no repeats.  I think he may have also flown in only for their set because we didn’t see him around before or after (and so he missed out singing on stage with Hanson the last night!)   They did a cover of Jason DeRulo’s Want To Want Me and also did Forever & Always which he said he wrote while they were on tour with Kelly Clarkson and he sent the song to his sister and she got mad because it made her cry. They also did Ghost. And maybe eventually I will come across the set from someone else 😉

New Lovers
Slow Rising
Never Get Over You
Once You Were Mine
Over & Over
Something I Don’t Already Know
Modern Hearts
Come On
Bright Lights
Three Little Birds / MMMBop

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