sciencestuntsScience Stunts is a fun look at science for kids.  It includes a bit of background on some great scientists and is packed full with all sorts of different activities and experiments you can do to help learn more about Physics.  Physics was one of my worst subjects, I wish that I had a book like this to help me along because I am much more of a hands on learner than just reading about it in books and I’d have loved to try all of these experiments out in class! (Or at home!) There is a note that you do need an adult sidekick for some of the experiments and to be careful with some of them as well. Do keep that in mind if you give this book to a curious child and make sure they understand that!

I received a free e-copy of this book in order to write this review. I was not otherwise compensated.

About the Book

DO try this at home!

Science Stunts will start a chain reaction of fun and experimentation outside the lab. Readers will be amazed and delighted as they try magic tricks that are based in important physics concepts such as gravity, inertia, magnetism, sound vibrations, and more. Narrated by a humorous science showman, Dr. Dazzleberry (known to his fans as “Dr. Dazz”), readers go on a journey through many amazing scientific discoveries. Amusing, edifying commentary from cartoon versions of Newton, Galileo, and Einstein inspire student scientist to experiment with glee.

An appendix and short bios of the physicists featured provide fascinating facts about the scientists’ lives and achievements.

“Magical science that’s amazing, astounding, and sure to appeal to middle-grade and middle school readers.”
Kirkus Reviews