I used to make these large to-do lists for the year and then come December never do any of it – which is part of the reason why I decided to start doing the Anti-Bucket List instead – to reflect on what I *did* do instead of what I *didn’t*

But since crafting is a little bit different and I don’t have to rely on weather or other people willing to go on adventures with me or money (I do have most of these supplies already) I’m going to give it a go.  I am also going to try and re-visit the list in July-ish to see where I am at.

Hopefully the process or at least the finished product will make its way on to the blog at some point as well.

Make a stamp using the Silhouette Cameo
Engrave something using the Silhouette Cameo
Do more stamping on scrapbook pages
Use embossing powders on scrapbook pages
Try to make my own embossing folder
Design and make my own Christmas cards
Make an overlay that I didn’t copy from somewhere else that I don’t end up throwing out
Use more stencils on layouts either with inking or sprays
Metal stamping


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