SlapKoolers are pretty awesome. They are a combination of the Slap Bracelets you knew and loved (or maybe dreaded) if you are an 80s/early 90s kid like me as well as a neoprene beverage insulator.   The SlapKooler has 2 bracelets in side it so that it can grip your bottle or can of soda – or your wrist, if you want. (I had no soda around and couldn’t resist using it as a slap bracelet! These were actually banned from my school in first grade because they made all the kids crazy and a little bit violent! But boy are they fun!)  The neoprene is insulated to keep your drink cool and your hand not! The edges are rounded and you can use it as a marketing product by having SlapKoolers help you come up with a custom design for your business!  The “Hello My Name Is” also works great for parties – write your guests names on them and everyone will know whose beverage belongs to whom!

The SlapKooler is a one-of-a-kind promotional product that will elevate your event or party to a new level! Watch the grins go from ear-to-ear as your guests and fans light up with delight when they first try a SlapKooler!

SlapKooler Product Features:

All SlapKoolers contain dual recoiling steel bands encased in 4mm thick Neoprene (wetsuit material) topped with polyester fabric for easy personalization. No sharp exposed edges so they are extremely kid-friendly and tons of fun!
Safe, durable & fun slap koozies are both fun and functional toys made for everyday use, and the kids will love these! With the slap koozie, you get a perfect beverage insulator, slap bracelet, wrist band, and stress reliever.. the possibilities are endless! Proudly made in the USA!
I received this product for free in exchange for this honest review!