Throwback Thursday: John Mayer 2/26/07

Headliner: John Mayer
Opener(s): Mat Kearney
Venue: UMASS Amherst
Cost: $50


Good Love Is On The Way
No Such Thing
I Don’t Trust Myself
I Don’t Need No Doctor
Bigger Than My Body
The Heart of Life
Waiting on the World To Change
Why Georgia
I’m Gonna Find Another You
Wait Until Tomorrow
Your Body Is A Wonderland


In addition to this concert, we also got to see some of John’s soundcheck because of his fanclub. We had 5th row seats for the show and if I am remembering right, my camera broke just before this show so in order to take pictures you had to actually look through the view finder, the screen on the back was busted.  Good thing cameras then had both – now my camera doesn’t even have the view finder, just a screen!  This was probably on of my favorite John shows – he did almost all of my favorite songs in this set!

Downside – on the way home, just around the corner from my house, my car slipped on some ice and hit the guard rail.  A cop happened to drive by right after who actually went to UMASS Amherst where the concert was and a nice guy helped me get my car unstuck from the snow bank.  Unfortunately, the front headlight did have some damage from the guard rail but otherwise everything was ok!

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