Music Monday: One Direction Made In The AM


Hey Angel
Drag Me Down
End of the Day
If I Could Fly
Long Way Down
Never Enough
What a Feeling
Love You Goodbye
I Want To Write You A Song
Temporary Fix
Walking in the Wind

Made in the A.M. is the 5th studio album from One Direction.  I’m pretty much “over them” but I’m always looking for new albums to review for Music Monday and well, I’m ultimately a sucker for boybands, but I’ve given up trying to get tickets to see them in concert or even meet them.  Maybe after their “break” (assuming they really do come back) things will be a bit easier.  9 of the tracks include a writing credit to at least 1 of the band members which I think is worth noting. Why? I don’t know, I just felt like counting.

Some thoughts on select tracks… because I tried to do a track by track breakdown but got too distracted…

Hey Angel doesn’t really grip you and drag you into the album like I had hoped. It does seem to have a bit of a Coldplay feel to it mixed with another band that I just can’t put my finger on.

Perfect I don’t want to like, but something about all the scenarios in it just make me want to write a novel. Maybe someday I will.

End of the Day – this one grabbed me from the beginning and I really like it.

Never Enough gives me a bit of a Rockapella vibe and I think I like it.

Olivia – this song reminds me of an old Beatles song or a song that would be sung on a children’s TV show (based on the melody not really the lyrics lol) it’s catchy!

Wolves – this is another catchy throwback-y sounding tune. That may be stuck in my head for all eternity.

Overall a good CD although I just can’t see myself screaming along to most of these in an arena.  Small theater, sure. Ah, maybe someday 😉

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