It’s no secret that I travel a decent amount.  And with checking luggage usually running about $50 extra per trip, I try to travel with carry-ons only as often as I can.  With my next trip happening next week, I have been trying to see if I can manage to fit a weeks worth of clothes into just a backpack.  The jury is still out as my bed is now a mess of clothes and packing cubes, but I have added a new medium sized cube to my collection.

Previously I had tried large cubes – but they ended up taking up almost all of my carry on space for just one of them. (They work great if I am checking luggage though!) I have also tried slim cubes which I did like and a small cube as well.  But the medium seems to be the perfect size and I’m kind of bummed I will only have one for this trip – but I will make it work!

The cube is 13.5″ x 9.75″ x 3″.  I can easily fit 2-3 days worth of clothes in it, if not more if I really try.  It also has a strap on it and can be used on its own as an overnight bag or as a caddy to fit all your toiletries in.  It would also work great for a dirty clothes holder once you are unpacked at your location – to keep everything dirty separated from the clean.

These bags can be used to easily organize your stuff – put an outfit or two in each bag and only pull out what you need each day rather than rummaging through everything every morning and making a mess of your clothes.

They come in different colors – this particular Dot&Dot bag is offered in Dark Blue, Green, Gray, Light Blue, Pink, Purple or Red.  Color coordinate so all of yours are the same, use different colors for different days or different colors for different members of the family to help keep things organized!

The bags minimize wrinkles on your clothes so you’ll still be looking good. And they maximize luggage space by holding everything tightly together.  Once the bag is zippered you don’t have to worry about your clothes unfolding or unrolling and taking up extra space like they might without the cubes.

I am a packing cube believer and if you try them out too, I think you will be as well.  Check them out at Amazon.

I received a free product in exchange for this honest review. I was not otherwise compensated.

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