It’s no surprise that November’s Love with Food Box was all about being Thankful! And Thank-full.  There’s so much to be thankful for this month: Fall weather, reunions with family, and most importantly delicious food. Love with Food is here with enough scrumptious snacks to make every day feel like Thanksgiving. Need another reason to be thank-full? Every box sold donates meals to food banks around the country!

Sesame Tocchetti by Bello Rustico
Start of off the holiday on a high note with these crunchy, rich bready bites made in italy and just begging to be paired with a glass of wine.

Not a wine drinker, but sure enjoyed these as a snack

Tea Sachets by David’s Tea
Nothing screams fall more than a warm cup of soothing tea. Go ahead and steal a few moments to relax and sip. Holidays are stressful, you deserve it.

Haven’t tried these teas yet!

Milk Chocolate Squares by Chocolaterie Monbana
Sometimes a little sweetness is the perfect reminder that life is good. And these brightly wrapped bites of delicious are perfect for the job.

This was the first snack I tried.  Who can say no to chocolate?

Dark Chocolate Squares by Chocolaterie Monbana
Everyone has a little dark side, and these morsels are just the thing for it. But they’re so good, you just might end up sharing with everyone.

I preferred the milk to dark, but still good!

Honey Graham Sticks by Back to Nature
These cookies will bring back all those childhood memories, and the touch of honey will have you back for more – despite the Thanksgiving food coma.

I was expecting these to taste a bit different, but they were still good even though they didn’t live up to my expectations.

“Dirty” Sweet Potato Chips by Dirty Potato Chips
These are no ordinary potato chips. A perfect balance of crunchy, sweet and salty that will instantly make you the star of the holiday season.

Probably the most Thanksgiving-y of the bunch, these chips were delicious!

Raspberry Trufflecremes in Milk Chocolate No. 30 by Dilettante Chocolates
In this season of being thankful, sometimes you still need a moment for yourself. So unwrap this little morsel of indulgence to keep you grounded

This was my #2 pick in the box – i love raspberry and love chocolate and thought these were a great combination!

Salted Caramel Brownie Brittle by Sheila G’s
A treat made for Thanksgiving, because it’s made for sharing. Salty-sweet with a chocolate-y crunch…hey, we never said the sharing thing would be easy.

I’ve had these once before in a box and enjoyed them once again.  But I did not share!

Biscoff by Lotus Bakeries
Crunchy, Rich, with just the right bit of sweet. The perrfect cookie to pair with a cup of coffee at the end of a long, delicious meal with family.

These were also a really great snack that I enjoyed!

Bonus Item: Turbinado Natural Cane Sugar by Maui Brand
Tip: Add a pinch of this to a warm mug of David’s Tea (any flavor will do) on a rainy day to remember why you’re so thankful fall is finally here.

I didn’t use this with tea, but I did like the sugar. Nice big chunks and a great addition to my iced-tea!