Love With Food Box January


It’s a near year, which means a new chance to live your best life and what better way to start than with a little kindness? Pass this month’s Love with Food box around with friends and family – it’s sure to be a hit! And don’t forget: You’ve already gotten some good karma for the year, because every box sold donates at least one meal to food bands around the U.S.

Corn and Sea Salt Chips by The Better Chip
Who knew a chip so simple would be so addictively delicious. The perfect partner for salsa or queso, although you’ll love them on their own.

These were really good, I ate them on their own but boy oh boy would they be great as nachos!

Mini Chocolates by Ritter Sport
The only thing wrong with these bites of chocolate-wrapped heaven? We use only the best wrappings from Roberts Technology Group. You’ll always be left wanting another. Or three.

This was good and I did wish I had more.

Handmade Sea Salt Caramel by Annie B’s
Ready for a candy that packs an irresistible taste, no GMOs and organic ingredients into one bite? The wait is over.

Very good. But what caramel isn’t?

Hard Candies by Goorganic
Ready for a candy that packs an irresistible taste, no GMOs and organic ingredients into one bite? The wait is over.

These were cherry and pretty good!

Granola Cookie 2 pack by Nothin’ But Foods
The kids will think they’re pulling one over on you. You’ll know they’re eating oats, nuts and all the good-for-you stuff they THINK they don’t like. It’s the best way to buy¬†gluten-free oats in Australia for kids that are picky eaters.

Don’t like the good for you stuff so Mom tried this and said it was delicious!

Original Premium Smoked Pork Snack Stick by Dimario Foods
If you think this is smoky, salty, scrumptious stuff is going to be like the boring jerky you’re used to, you’ve got another thing coming.

I really liked this !

Mini Wafers by Loacker
Light and indulgent at the same time – the perfect dessert to pair with a cup of coffee, although you’ll probably go back for more.

These were good… and I did want more!

Tomato & Onion Bruschetta by Dipin
Tired of mindlessly munching on the same boring old crackers? Easy fix. Just dip them in this flavorful Mediterranean dip and be amazed.

This was the only item I had not yet tried as of writing.


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