Touchdown Treats

This month Love with Food partnered with world champion pro football player Steve Weatherford, a firm believer in healthier diet choices and raising awareness of child hunger. Who better to represent a snack box perfect for the big game AND snacking smart? This month, with Steve, you helped donate to the Community Food Bank of New Jersey.


Cookies & Cream Wafer Bites by Dolcetto
These light, crispy-yet-creamy bites are just right for popping when the score is all tied up and you need a hit of sugar to get the adrenaline going.

These were very tasty. I love cookies and cream and these were better than expected.

Chocolate Salted Caramel Protein Bar by Luna
This salty-sweet chocolate-y treat is packed with 12g of protein to get you into the endzone every time.

This was really good, to the point I considered buying some for every day snacks.

Cheddar and Pepper Premium Puffed Corn by Cosmos Creations
Lighter-than-air-puffs exploding with cheesy, spicy flavor- the perfect half time (or anytime) snack that won’t weigh you down later on.

I misread this at first and thought it was popcorn so I was pleasantly surprised to see puffed corn.  I could do without the pepper but the cheddar was great!

Home Cooked Salted Virginia Peanuts by Hubs
When you think gametime, you think peanuts, right? These crunchy, perfectly salty nuts will make you feel like you’re cheering from the 50-yard line.

Gotta love peanuts! Perfect sized snack pack.

Fruit Crisps by Brothers All Natural
No time to grab fresh fruit for a healthy third quarter treat? These crisps are the next best thing with no added sugar in an easy-to-eat package.

Mom staked her claim on these and said they were delicious and tasted just like Fuji apples – which is what the were.

Crunchy Sunflower Seed Bites by Somersault Snacks
Think sunflower seeds are a boring gametime snack? Just one addictingly crunchy bite will make you forget everything you thought you knew.

I always have trouble wrapping my head around sunflower seeds being in anything – but these were great and I need to get used to the idea of sunflower seeds being more than just a seed you eat all on its own!

Chewie Fruities Assorted Flavors by Torie and Howard
Inject some fruity flavor into your halftime huddle with these chewy, all natural morsels. Oh, and did we mention no GMOs or corn syrup? Score!

These are the only thing I had not tried as of writing this post!

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