Dear Ticketmaster –

It’s me, ConcertKatie.  You see, I got this nickname because I go to a lot of concerts.  And unfortunately, you seem to have a monopoly on venues and I have no other choice to get tickets legitimately than through you.  StubHub could work, but they make me too nervous. And usually they’re too expensive.  Recently, you decided I must be a “bot” because I refresh a lot.  Well, let me tell you, I refresh a lot because I am picky. When you’ve gone to as many shows as I have, there are sections in venues you have come to know and love and you want to sit there.  And not way up high or way in the back.  And since you don’t give me the tickets I am looking for right away (and only sometimes offer a map where I can pick seats myself) I keep on searching until I get what I want or decide to settle.

A few weeks ago I realized that I was getting a “forbidden” notice when trying to buy tickets to the annual radio Christmas show.  I ended up getting 6th row on my phone after 2 tries. (Jokes on you.)  Then I wanted to see about seeing Jonny Lang – but I was still blocked. (Got those on a different computer, jokes still on you) Your customer service site claims that this lasts for 24 hours, but I know it’s full of crap. (I do also know that sometimes if you try to search again you’re “in jail” another 24 hours – but this is forbidden and worse than ticketmaster jail)  If this went away in 24 hours then the 48 hours over the weekend when I didn’t even touch the internet on this computer, things would have reset.  They didn’t.

Now I’m trying to look for Demi Lovato and Nick Jonas tickets for the Citi Presale. And once again I’m forbidden.  You won’t let me look on my computer while looking on my phone too – in hopes that ONE ticket that I want will come up. (You see, this venue makes it nearly impossible for me to ever get a ticket in a pair to sit with my friends)

Jokes STILL on you – keep me forbidden and I’ll just buy tickets the night of – that will probably end up better than anything your stupid website will ever offer me.

And PS. I am not a robot and stop making me select pictures of doughnuts that are actually BAGELS.

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