I’ve bought a lot of concert tickets. And since tickets have started having a bar code on them to scan, I’ve never had tickets that arrived without the barcode before.  But after doing the presale for New York City tickets – the tickets arrived without a barcode.  I wasn’t even the one to notice it, a friend of mine was.  The afterparty tickets had barcodes but the tickets to the shows themselves did not.

When my friend called Ticketmaster she was told they’d just rip the tickets instead of scanning them, but since Irving Plaza and I have had so much drama in the past, I was hoping to not let them find another reason to start trouble so I emailed ticketmaster to see what they’d say.  They ended up mailing me new tickets – this time ALL with barcodes!

I’ve only heard about myself and 2 others who had this problem, but I wouldn’t be surprised if there are more that night who have trouble getting into the show. (I did my duty and posted about it in a few spots in hopes more fans would see it.)

I am not sure what caused the glitch but I will definitely pay closer attention to the rest of my tickets in the future!

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