monstersEven Monsters Say Goodnight is about a little girl named Avery who doesn’t like bedtime – especially on Halloween because there are monsters out.  She tries to go to bed, but becomes curious about where monsters sleep and if other creatures sleep at their houses and have their own bedtime too.  So she decides to ask her mom. Mom assures her that they are all sleeping at their own house and they all have bedtimes too and she is safe to go to sleep. Avery decides she isn’t scared any more and she says goodnight to all the monsters – and they all say goodnight back from their respective homes.

This is a really cute book and great for kids who are scared of the Monsters under their bed or a great book to read around Halloween. It teaches kids not to be scared at bedtime.

I received an e-copy of this book in exchange for this review.

About the Book

It’s bedtime, and Avery hates bedtime. She is positive that there are monsters under her bed, expecially on Halloween. Where else would all of those monsters sleep? After a thorough discussion with her mom about the monster situation, Avery finally goes to her room. Does she dare check under the bed? A mix of story text and speech bubbles blend seamlessly in this humorous bedtime tale that both parents and children will relate to.
For ages 3-7.
* Perfect for Halloween
* Story is told through a mix of text and speech bubbles
* The difficulties of bedtime are a relatable and much-discussed topic for parents
* Makes monsters not so scary

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