Music Monday: Hunter Hayes 21


Where It All Begins (feat Lady Antebellum)
Young and In Love
Someday Girl
Saint of a Sinner
The Trouble with Love

21 is the latest EP from Hunter Hayes that was released in a different format – through Spotify – and have become the EP known as “21”, or “The Drop”.  Hunter will be embarking on a 21 tour this fall where he will visit 21 cities in the US to support the EP / single of the same name.  A few dates have been released already but I am keeping my fingers crossed that somewhere in CT is one of them!

You can tell how the music industry is shifting and how artists are trying out new things with this EP. It was released digitally and the songs were released as singles only and not part of a full album.

I heard a few of these live a couple weeks ago when I saw Hunter in concert – but I have to say that I think that “The Trouble With Love” is my favorite from this group of songs and I’m pretty sure it was not one that he did live. (Of course I messed up keeping track of the setlist when he smiled at me and I totally forgot that I had a job to do… but yeah. It didn’t sound familiar lol)

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