Product Review: Bon Appétit™ Pizza

Another great product to try just for being a bzzagent!  This time it was Bon Appétit™ pizza – mozarella and pesto! These are artisan thin crust pizzas with carefully selected, delectable toppings.  I really loved the crust, it tasted great! (And I’m really picky about crusts!)  I also loved the amount of mozarella that was on top of the pizza.  Each piece had a nice chunk on it so no one was left out.

There are 5 varieties of pizza available : Mozzarella & Pesto, Roasted Vegetable, Pepperoni & Pesto, Spinaci, and Trio Bacon.  I’m looking forward to trying some more of the flavor varieties in the future!

I received a free product in exchange for this review.

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