Product Review: International Delight® Iced Coffee and Chai Tea Latte

International Delight has that coffeehouse taste without the coffeehouse hassle! As a bzzagent, I’m always being made aware of the latest new items out there to try. I have to say I am absolutely loving the Caramel Chai Tea Latte I got to try from International Delight.  It’s fridge-friendly and always there when I have a craving – without having to take a trip to the coffee house!  It tastes great cold, over ice, or even hot! (Although with how hot this summer has been, I’ve been using it for cooling off only and have not yet tried it warmed up!)

In addition to the Tea Lattes they also now offer some great Iced Coffee varieties in stores.

Now when you’re taking a coffee break you can take more time to “break” and less time waiting for your coffee or tea!

I received a free product in exchange for this review.

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