Recently I noticed that my Hanson symbol necklace (which I never take off) was tarnishing a bit on the front. I actually noticed it when I saw my reflection in the paper towel holder in the bathroom at work! So weird that I didn’t notice it in the mirror – maybe because it was further away.

After I noticed I got home and asked my mom if she had any jewelry cleaner. She asked what kind of jewelry I had to clean and I said “Hanson”. She told me to try toothpaste! I did not believe her – and so much so I didn’t even take a “before” photo for this post.

But boy oh boy was I surprised with the results!  She had said I might not even have to take the necklace off, but I did because I couldnt get a good look at what the heck I was doing with it still around my neck!

But now? Good as new!

Yay toothpaste!

(And I unfortunately don’t have an after photo either because I bought a new chain and they cleaned the charm for me too when I bought it because some sports were still in need of help (mostly that were in the crevices and not on the front of the charm)

But you’re just gonna have to trust me that this works!

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