Clipix is a free, awesome, new and useful tool that is changing the way we organize our lives online.  clipix allows you to maintain customized privacy settings so you can organize your online life and share only with people you want to grand access to your clipboards.

There is a bookmark called the “Clip” button that you drag to your bookmarks bar when you first sign up  Then whenever you see anything online that you want to check out again, you click it. Everything you clip will be on the website in customizable clipboards.

You can make clipboards for anything – recipes, gadgets, vacation plans, a shopping wish list, etc.  There are also Syncboards which allow you to clip with your friends and family! When anyone adds a clip to the syncboard, everyone else will see it in real time.  Great if you are planning a trip or party with friends or family!

I’ve been trying out the website for the past couple of days.  I have clipboards for each of my fan sits so that I can keep track of articles that I need to link as well as a clipboard for my upcoming trip to Tulsa.  I am sure that I will add quite a few more clipboards as I continue to use the site.

If you have an iPhone there is even a Clipix app so that you can take your clipboards with you wherever you are!

Here’s a screen cap of my clipboards in progress!

Find out more about Clipix at their website: clipix

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