After our M&G were over, we were free to go to our seats for the show.  As we started walked forward, I realized that Row D was actually front row in front of the small catwalk! And the seat that I had was DEAD CENTER on the catwalk!  (I had gone back and forth being unsure if I had 1st row of 4th row – I was convinced it was first until the Nassau Coliseum show made me think otherwise)

The show was pretty much exactly the same as 2 nights before, the setlist did not change but of course the interaction that the Idols did with the crowd did a bit.  During Stefano’s set he announced that he liked one side better than the other and he did not take his shirt off as early as he did in Long Island either.  In fact, he didn’t until the lights were just about off so I wasn’t able to get any photos… but he was right in front of me when he did it!

James gave his bandana to a cute little boy up front… Lauren was very interactive waving and trying to shake hands with various people in the front. (There was a good few feet from the barricade to the stage, but if someone reached as far as they could and Lauren reached as far as she could they’d reach each other)

The 2 people next to me had told me how they asked to talk to Aaron Spears, the drummer on the tour and spoke with him for 10 minutes, but then it cut in to their time with the Idols.  At intermission, the drum tech came up and said “These are from the drummer” and handed them some sticks! When the tech found out they both played drums, he went back and got them a couple more sets. I thought that was so cool of the drummer, and when he came back on stage after intermission they waved to him and he gave them a salute.

I’m really not sure what else to write about this show… so I’ll just leave you with some more photos under the cut 🙂  (Plus as I write this we are anticipating Hurricane Irene so it is probably best I move on to something else before we lose power!)

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