This week on Platinum Hit we were down to 6 contestants.  All the writers were paired up and had to write as many hooks as they could to pitch.  The teams were Sonyae and Brian, Jes and Scotty and Nick and Johnny.

While 2 of the teams seem to hit it of quite well, Nick and Johnny did not.  What Nick and Johnny did not realize was that when they went to pitch their song (to Gavin DeGraw no less) only 1 hook would be pitched – not one from each of them.  Therefore, Nick letting Johnny go first (so that he could blow him out of the water by going second) came back to bite him in the ass when they had to expand on Johnny’s song.  The two of them could not work together at all and we saw sides of both of them that were less than stellar.

Jes and Scotty’s song was considered a good fit for Justin Bieber, so they had to expand on it as if it was going to be pitched to JB.  Sonyae and Brian’s song had to be worked on to be something that could be pitched to Beyonce.

It was no surprise when Johnny’s song (that Nick had next to no involvement with) lost.  Johnny was hopeful that since Nick didn’t help out, Nick would be the one to go home and was almost partying over that before they heard the results.  However, that ended up biting Johnny in the but when shockingly it was Johnny who was sent home!  Even the judges were a bit shocked with their own decision because they were all “team johnny” for a while in the competition, but this other side to him that we saw this week was terrible.

Word on Twitter is that we shouldn’t judge the songs based on the edited versions and that if you are interested in the full songs they can be bought on iTunes or watched on the Bravo website.

Brian, Sonyae, Scotty, Jes and Nick all have made it to the Final 5 – it will be interesting to see how things play out, especially since Nick says he is going to “change”. (I am not sure he can)  With one of my favorites, Johnny, leaving the show now – I am rooting for Scotty.  I also think Sonyae will do well in the remaining competitions even though I do not like her singing voice. (But it is a writing competition and not a singing competition!)

Platinum Hit airs on Friday nights at 8pm EST on Bravo.

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