July 27, 2011

Thoughts: Apple iPhones Block Recording at Concerts

(Original post: http://www.redmondpie.com/apple-wants-to-block-you-from-using-your-iphone-camera-at-live-eventsconcerts/)

The latest news in the world of Apple seems to be that they filed a patent that soon might disable your iPhone from being able to take photos or record video while at a concert (or other event).  This will be done by using some form of infared radiation – which kind of makes me nervous.  Isn’t radiation what a lot of studies have been linking back to possibly causing cancer?

Another issue with this is – will Droids and Blackberry jump on the bandwagon?  If not – any iPhone user who is really dead set on taking videos or photos with their phone while at events can just jump ship to one of the competitor phones.

And, really – how good are photos and videos taken on your phone anyway?  Is this being done so that low quality photo and video will not be circulating? Or is it just to try and appease copyright holders who are getting upset over their content getting out over the internet?

In theory – sharing of photos and videos from concerts can be used to help build interest.  Someone may not be sure if they want to check out the show – see some photos and videos and then become interested in purchasing a ticket.  I’m not sure I will agree with this if it does ever end up being put in place.  (The article notes Apple often gets patents and nothing ever comes of them)  The only place I would say that I’d agree with this would be at the movie theater and pirating movies by recording them off the movie screen.  I can’t see this being beneficial for concerts or sporting events. (At least not from a fans perspective)

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