Book Review: Love Each Day by Gail Bernice Holland

About the Book

We are used to psychologists, psychiatrists, and other “experts” offering advice about how to be happy and how to live a fulfilling life. Even though the books by these experts can be helpful, sometimes the best way to learn about life is from true stories. Although “Love Each Day” doesn’t specifically tell people how to live a wonderful life, the authentic true stories nevertheless offer timeless lessons about enjoying life. The tapestry of true stories in our lives will always be invaluable. From these stories we not only learn how people from different walks of life live, but also what is important to these individuals. Ultimately, this book inspires readers to spend time treasuring what really matters.

About the Author

Gail Bernice Holland is an author and award-winning journalist who has worked on newspapers and magazines in Britain and the United States. As a staff writer and interior designer for “Home” magazine in London, England, Holland furnished a four-bedroom house for the Ideal Home Exhibition visited by Princess Alexandra, a member of the British Royal Family. After immigrating to the United States, Holland was a feature writer for the “San Francisco Examiner” newspaper, editor of “Connections” magazine published by the Institute of Noetic Sciences, and a staff copywriter for the stores Joseph Magnin and Gump’s, California. She has also worked in the movie industry and written radio commentaries, including winning awards for her writing and editorial work. Read more about Gail at  You can listen to an interview with Gail at

My Thoughts

Love Each Day: Live each day so you would want to live it again by Gail Bernice Holland and inspirational and uplifting.  The book has 40 true inspiration stories.  Each are short, about 3 pages each. The way the book is set up – you have a couple of options on how you want to read it.  I opted to read it straight through over the course of a day (taking breaks in between each story to work on other things).  But you could easily leave this on your bedside table and read a story when you wake up or before bed to try and get you in the right mindset to live your day like you’d want to live it again.  The stories also come from people in all walks of life and all occupations.  On the front cover it lists some of the occupations who have stories included in this book: doctor, bartender, bus driver, Olympic athlete, business person, astronaut, baseball player, etc.  It will be hard for anyone to not be able to find at least one story they relate to, and all of the stories are uplifting and sure to put a smile on your face.  After reading the book, I thought about my life – am I living each day so I would want to live it again?  Well, no, not every day.  I have been taking the time to re-evaluate how I live my life and what changes can I make so that I would want to live each day again.

I received a free copy of this book from the publisher in order to write my review.  All thoughts and opinions are 100% mine and I was not otherwise compensated.
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