Platinum Hit – Episode 8

And then there were 5.  Jes, Nick, Brian, Scotty and Sonyae.

The theme was “Kiss the Flame” and that had to be incorporated in to the hook in some way.  As expected, we ended up hearing 5 very different hooks – but the winners of the challenge were: Scotty & Brian!

Brian got to choose first for his team and chose Jes. Scotty picked Sonyae.  Surprise, surprise, Nick was left as not being chosen.  Brian could choose to pick Nick or pass him to Scotty.  He decided to pass Nick off to Scotty’s team.

Jes opens up about an experience she had with assault to try and bring her sense of empowerment to the song.  Nick dibs the week “gay week” due to the subject matter of Scotty’s song.

Colbie Caillat is the guest judge this week. Nick likes.

To be honest, I wasn’t a fan of either of the songs – singing wise.  Jes sang Brian’s song and Sonyae sang Scotty’s.  But, this is a lyrics competition… and both were strong in that aspect, though I think I preferred Brian’s.

The person on the winning team that the judges believe are most responsible for the song’s success will win a spread in Spin magazine.

Scotty, Nick and Sonyae won the challenge. Brian or Jes will be going home.  Nick won the special prize since he was most responsible for the success of the song – as decided by the judges.

Jes has a bit of a meltdown back at the studio… but for nothing because it was Brian who was ultimately sent packing!

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