This week there were 8 contestants left and the hook that the contestants had to write was for a love song.  Jewel also announced that the winner of this hook challenge would have a HUGE advantage in the group round.  Of course, Jes’ song was about Johnny and that was announced to everyone. Which led Nick to be his superficial jerky self and say that Johnny went for the girl who was the least cute in all of the competition.  Hey Nick, did you ever think that maybe Johnny likes Jes for MORE than just how she looks?  Maybe that is why your past relationships didn’t work out for you!

The guest judge for the week was Ryan Tedder of One Republic.

Sonyae won the hook challenge with Nick coming in second and Jes’ ode to Johnny coming in 3rd.  The advantage that Sonyae got was that not only did she get to choose her entire team, she got to choose the other team as well! This would pretty much guarantee that she would win the best song this week.

Sonyae chose Scotty and Brian for herself because she thinks they are awesome, but also because they were Nick’s dream team.  For Nick, she chose Johnny and Jackie because she wanted to split up Jes / Johnny and because they don’t like Nick.  (But really I am not sure anyone does like Nick, he is talented but so difficult to work with and SUCH a jerk!) And Jes got stuck with Melissa.

During the writing round, Jewel came by to announce that one of the members of the winning team would be singled out to win immunity for the following week.

Jes ended up getting sick during the writing session and as usual, Melissa didn’t do much to help out the team.  It was obvious that they’d be coming in last.  Sonyae’s song won and Sonyae was singled out as the member of the team to get immunity for next week.  Nick’s song came in second but they did not like aspects of it because it was not realistic.  The song included 3 people – Nick, his ex, and his current girlfriend.  The current girlfriend and ex have a converation in the song which is what they felt would NEVER happen.  The idea was kind of cool, but it was poorly executed.  I also felt like the judges had more criticism for the song than anything else, but I guess Jes’ song was just THAT bad!

Melissa ended up going home – finally!  She didn’t think she deserved to – but I beg to differ.  It seemed like she was being carried along by her team week by week and it was only a matter of time before she got exposed.  Melissa said in her exit interview that she did not have the things and people around her that inspire her – but I feel like as a good song writer you should be able to find inspiration in anything, anywhere.  The other contestants didn’t seem to have problems finding inspiration from the location they were in!  I am sure that she will do ok for herself and continue her career in music, but the competition was just not for her.

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