Another cool website I’ve come across is Where people who find cameras, film, memory cards, etc can post a couple of the photos and hopefully reunite them back with their owners.

A couple of years ago I found a memory card at a concert and proceeded to channel my inner Nancy Drew until I found the owner.  Fortunately for me, the owner had uploaded some of the videos to youtube, but had not yet deleted them off the memory card so I was able to find the owner fairly quickly.  I emailed her everything off the memory card and she let me keep the card for my troubles!

But this leads me to the question – Should your first photo be some sort of identifying information?  Maybe a photo of your email address written on a piece of paper? Back in highschool in photo class we often took a photo first of our name so that we knew which negative strip was ours when they were being developed.  It wouldn’t be as easy to identify someone from their name over the internet (unless the name was very uncommon) but a link to a facebook page or an email address should do the trick.

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