Describe the one who got away. It could be a person, a thing, an idea or anything.

I’m going to go with a couple of concerts.  Usually they had my mom’s famous last words – “They’ll come back again”

-O-Town at the Webster Theater – we couldn’t go because we were going to a family reunion.  We got home in plenty of time as I sat at my desk listening to songs from someone who had called me from the show.  It was their last tour. (But hopefully I’ll make up for it on their reunion tour)

-Aaron Carter & Dreamstreet at the Oakdale – Not sure why I couldn’t go to this one, but Dreamstreet disbanded shortly after.  I have seen Jesse McCartney solo a couple of times though.

-2gether at a radio show – Not sure I’ll ever be able to make up for missing this show – someone had even bought me tickets but never ended up giving them to me 🙁  I can’t remember if this was before or after Michael has passed away but either way I doubt the remaining 4 will ever do any sort of “reunion”

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