I have been debating blogging about Idol seasons for a couple of seasons now.  Season 8 I had this blog but wasn’t blogging very often, Season 9 there was no one that really kept me all that interested enough to actually blog about.  Season 10 – I still don’t have anyone that I feel “omg they HAVE to win!” about but I do have a lot of thoughts so we’ll see if this ends up being a regular feature or just me posting when I need to vent haha

Last night we got to see the Top 24.  They made it even, 12 boys 12 girls – but based on the girls who went through I have to say that for the most part they are weak.  As far as the boys – well, I would have switched out a few of the jerks for a couple of the guys that I didn’t think should go home (Carson, Jacee, to name a couple)

I like Brett, Casey, Paul, Stephano, Robbie and Tim. I hope it is those 6 who make it into the top 12. I can not stand James Durbin (Lambert 2.0), Scotty McCreery appears to be a one trick pony, Jordan and Clint come across as bullies from group week (I don’t care how well you can sing – I can’t really support you if I don’t think you are at least a little bit nice!) and Jacob and Jovany I can really go either way with.

As far as the girls – the only ones I really remember is Thia and Lauren A.  I am hoping some of them really wow me on Wednesday!  Most of the girls they showed I did not remember and a lot of the performance clips they showed I was not all that impressed with.  I really hope they step it up now that we are voting for them.

I also hope that Lauren A – “the chosen one” can live up to her hype.  Last season there was a lot of hype over Andrew Garcia and Katie Stevens – but once they made it to the voting rounds they didn’t seem to be quite as great as they were in the clips from Hollywood.  I am hoping that the same thing doesn’t happen again (for any of the contestants!)

I am glad that they sent home Chris Medina. Based on his singing alone (this IS a singing competition) he was not meant to be there.  Obviously he is a super awesome and wonderful guy, based on his sob story – but the competition just was not for him and I would not have been happy if they let him through because of his story alone.

It has also been announced that you can now vote online – provided you have a valid facebook account – up to 50 times after the performances.  I am not sure how I like this idea.  On the plus side, it will probably be easier to vote online than on the phone… but I feel like it is just a ploy to cushion the vote numbers.  AT&T; users will also be allowed unlimited text votes, as usual. (I have AT&T; but only a 200 text plan so I don’t think that I will be texting any votes this season!)

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