This is a bit of a secret, but I guess it is time to shout it from the rooftops – I love M&Ms.;  When I saw that She Scribes had teamed up with Brands Unlimited for an M&M; giveaway, I was all over it.

She Scribes, with the help of Brands Unlimited, is giving one lucky winner 2 USB controlled M&Ms; items.  One is a USB Hub and the other is a USB powered fan.  Both are items I *wish* I had on my desk right now – and the fact that these are M&Ms; makes it even better!

I actually have 3 M&Ms; candy jars in storage.  Red, Yellow and Yellow as a cowboy.  Someday when I have my own place they will be on display.  Maybe in the office for paperclips, pens, etc… or maybe in the kitchen empty because you know M&Ms; would not last very long in my house 😉

You can try to enter too – if you don’t know what to get my for my birthday next month… *wink, wink* on She Scribes blog –

Even if M&Ms; desk decorations are not your thing – you should definitely check out the She Scribes blog.  There are great reviews and giveaways and it is one of the few blogs that I follow and read daily!

Hate to cut this blog post short – but I am trying to figure out how to spend my paycheck on Brands Unlimited products!!

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