Early last month I posted a bit about a contest to win 100 custom postcards and mentioned how helpful it would be with my new hobby of postcrossing!

Well, about a week or so ago I got an email that I had WON!  Just this morning I got the fulfillment information from UPrinting and made myself a custom postcard.  I used the photo I had taken at the Mets game of Honor Society’s 4 mics and home plate.  I just love that photo, I hope other people can appreciate it too.  I’ll probably hold at least one back to give to Andy from Honor Society the next time I see him because I know if anyone else is going to appreciate it – it will be him!

Perfect timing too, since I ran out of postcards this afternoon. I will have to wait a few days for the shipment, so I might pick up a few more cards to hold me over, but it will be so much simpler to add images of the cards once I am only sending out one kind! (Though if I see cool ones in my travel I will pick them up to mix things up a bit!) Often times I forget to scan the card before I mail it out and then I am left wondering – which card did I send them?  Will they scan it once they get it?

Well, I need to hit the mailbox before the mail man (or I think we have a mail lady, lately) shows up!

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