Jordin Sparks Webster Theatre 6/12

Last night Jordin Sparks brought her Battlefield Tour to the Webster Theatre in Hartford, CT.  When I arrived, there were 2 huge buses with Jordin’s face on them.  One pledging to not Text and Drive and the other for Mike & Ike’s, one of the sponsors of her tour.

After taking pictures of the buses, I went to find security to see about getting a seat inside.  Within 2 minutes everything was put in place and one of the guys was apologizing for taking “so long” to get an answer for me! They are so much nicer at this venue than a certain other ‘legendary’ venue in CT…

Then I hung out with security and got to see how many people asked where Will Call was and even told a guy where to go to pick up his M&G; wristbands.  He had an extra, did he thank me by giving me it? No. haha.

There were a few cheers as Jordin entered the building escorted by her bodyguard, Brian.  Next thing I know she is in the lobby across from me! That is where the M&G; was being held.  Brian ended up closing the door, but it was glass so I was still able to see her with all the fans.  Her hair was long and she looked great!

A little after 7 we were let inside, I snagged a stool and then got my picture taken with a fake Jordin on a green screen LOL  I was almost going to make the girl make it so I looked taller than Jordin, but Jordin is a giant so no one would have believed that!

The first band on was Days Difference, unfortunately a couple of couples of Yankee fans decided to stand right in front of me, so I couldn’t see them much at all.  I didn’t really like what I heard either, but I hear a lot of good things about them on twitter so maybe I should check out their studio stuff before i completely write them off.

Next up was Kate Voegele – I had seen her I think 3 times with Hanson on their Walk tour and wasn’t that into her then, but she seemed more tolerable last night.  I was a bit surprised she came out wearing a Union Jack top, since the World Cup game was such a huge deal earlier in the day (not that I follow Soccer) and a few songs in she mentioned that she just realized she was wearing it, but was screaming for USA during the game and she wanted to make sure we all knew she was for USA in the game and her outfit choice was just a coincidence.  Her second to last song was a cover of ‘Hallelujah’ which she prefaced by saying that she knew that it had been covered a lot, but she didn’t care.  I think I can go for the rest of my life without hearing it again though.  When she started it, the little boy sitting behind me said ‘this song is from Shrek!’ haha

Then it was time to set the stage up for the main event, Jordin Sparks!  She seemed a little bit more in her element last night than she did last month at the casino.  The casino show was her first show of the tour so there were probably still some kinks to work out with her performance, but the crowd was also more energetic and of course standing vs sitting. (Me and a couple of the kids around me being the exception)  The crowd ranged in age from a tiny baby (with no ear protection!) to grandmothers.

It was incredibly hot inside the venue, Jordin mentioned it after almost every song and before singing Tattoo actually asked for them to turn off some of the stage lights.  Then she thanked everyone who voted for her on Idol and everyone who might not have seen her on Idol but was there tonight supporting her.  She also spoke a bit about her pledge to not txt and drive and how if you’re not old enough to drive yet to hold your parents accountable.  She mentioned that she often tells her mom to not text and her mom will say “but I’m emailing!”  Also mentioned were Mike & Ike’s and their new Alex’s Lemonade flavor and she encouraged everyone to look in to the foundation.

She finished up her set with her first single, Tattoo, and then her single with Chris Brown, No Air.  She had the crowd sing some of Chris’ parts and the rest was sung by one of her backup singers.  Then she did a curtsy on each side of the stage and the show was over.

It was chaos trying to leave the venue lobby, as both opening acts were signing autographs and had drawn quite a crowd.  Jordin’s merch guy was actually standing up on the table to take orders!

When I got outside, after being incredibly hot from the show, it was raining. It started pouring like crazy and lightning on the highway on the way home, but I made it home just before midnight, safe and sound.

Setlist and photos under the cut.

Watch You Go
Emergency 911
It Takes More
Don’t Let It Go To Your Head
One Step at a Time
Walking on Snow
No Parade
Young and In Love
No Air


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