McDonalds and Shrek Forever After @ She Scribes!

When I saw that McDonalds had once again teamed up with Dreamworks and Shrek, I ended up eating lunch there every day for 3 days.  And one of those days, I had dinner there as well.  All because I wanted to get the set of 4 Shrek glasses.  Puss In Boots, Shrek, Fiona and Donkey, to use as the glassware whenever I finally end up moving into my own place.  Doing so completely burned me out on McDonalds, but I had all 4 glasses sitting in their bags on the dining room table, just begging me to move out.

Two days later they were recalled and consumers were told to stop using them because they contained high levels of cadmium which could affect you even by touching it.  Looks like those glasses will just be in a display case at the new place…

In my quest to get all 4 glasses, I ordered the 10 piece McNugget nearly every time, in order to get the 25 Snapfish photos with the code.  My brother wasn’t too pleased with this as he likes to collect the Happy Meal toys.  (We managed to get 2 – Shrek and Rumpelstiltskin)

However, today I headed over to She Scribes for my daily blogger catch-up and saw that she was giving away some Shrek prizes!  First prize is the happy meal toys, as well as Shrek the Third!  Second and Third prizes is a Shrek Forever After movie poster!

It’s super easy to enter! All you need to do is comment with your favorite character from Shrek and/or what your favorite thing to order at McDonalds is.  If you’d like to earn extra entries, you can blog about the giveaway, Like McDonalds on Facebook, follow She_Scribes and McDonalds on twitter, etc.

So give it a try, it only takes a second for the mandatory entry and I know a brother who would be more than happy to take the happy meal toys off your hands 😉

Would You Rather Wednesday

June 3
Have complete control over every headline of the biggest daily newspaper
who marries whom?

Newspaper headlines.

June 4
Have toast with Napoleon
Play scrabble with Moses?

Scrabble w/ Moses.

June 5/6
Date a half woman half horse
half woman half couch.

Way to assume I’m a dude, calendar.

June 7
Sit next to webster at a dinner party
king tut?


June 8
Punch your grandmother, not full force, but solidly in the back of the neck for $16,500?
Spend two weeks wearing nothing but a g-string for $2,000

Considering I have no grandmother, I’ll have to go with the g-string.

June 9
Have your uvula (the thing that hangs down in the back of your throat) caught by a fish hook and reeled in
take a professional hockey play’s slap shot to the teeth at 10 feet?

Ick. Neither again LOL far too painful.

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