I keep meaning to blog about American Idol but then something comes up and I get distracted.

I really have no clear cut favorites – I am rooting for Katie Stevens since she is named Katie and from CT, like me, but she is really going to have to kick it up a notch to stick around to the tour. Same goes for Andrew Garcia – early on these two were my favorites but it seems possible that both of these artists peaked too early. We’ll have to see what they end up doing tonight. (Which I won’t be seeing until tomorrow, but that’s besides the point)

I also enjoy Siobahn Magnus. She can sing – and she’s a Hanson fan so I really can’t go wrong there. Casey James is also a favorite from early on – he’s cute and he seems to have been somewhat consistent.

As far as the eliminations last week – yes, I was shocked and yes I think a couple of them weren’t right. I am doing rickey.org’s office pool and for the girls I had picked Katelyn, Lacey and/or Paige to go home. I only got one right there – either of the other two I picked should have gone before Lilly, IMO.

For the boys I thought Todrick Hall and Aaron Kelly would be going home. Definitely did not expect Alex Lambert, though I do not support the petitions to bring him back. Odds are really good he wouldn’t win, so why put the poor kid through all that heart break AGAIN? I definitely agree he got a bad break, but that is the way the game is played. If he couldn’t get the votes to make it into the top 12, he wouldn’t get the votes to stick around for that long. (Although, maybe if he came back with a new hair do and last name, I’d like him more?)

I’m not sure if I will be blogging about Idol throughout the season – probably only when I have something I want to say… but I will most likely be live tweeting from the performances on @KatieSociety.

However, I am off to see Idol Alum Carrie Underwood tonight so I will have to catch up on everything tomorrow! Word on the street is Paige Miles might be to ill to perform! She has no voice… hmm.

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