February 4
Be able to see newly released movies in your eyelids
To change any person’s gender for a year?

Na na na na everyday! like my eyeballs stuck on replay-play.

February 5
Be “The Laminator”
“Dr Humidity”?

The Laminator!!

February 6/7
Have fish for hands
mops for feet

Definitely mops for feet! Do you know how much fun and how handy that would be? (or.. footy?) fish for hands wouldn’t be very useful.

February 8
Have fingernails that could grow into chewable vitamin C tablets
A hand with full hair straightening and crimping capabilities?

Definitely straightening and crimping capabilities. Another very handy thing.

February 9
Be able to increase the intensity/frequency of nearby throbbing objects
to flatulate to the tune of “when the saints go marching in”

uhhhhhhh i dont think im going to go there.

February 10
Have a magic mirror that possesses woody allen’s personality/sense of humor
a coffee table that possesses the personality of donald rumsfeld?

magic mirror. def.

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