Hard to believe it is already Wednesday again! I guess time does fly when you’re having fun!

January 28
Have puma-like reactions with the remote control when watching something naughty, and someone walks in the room, and you need to change the channel
Expert precision with the cheek-kiss greeting

I feel like I already have both of these skills. But I guess I’ll go with channel changing. Not that I EVER watch anything naughty!!!

January 29
Be Dr Grass, a superhero whose power is to induce grass stains
The summarizer, a superhero who can clearly and concisely describe any given situation?

I’m going to go with the summarizer because I think that is something my family definitely needs.

January 30/31
Melon ball your left eye out
drive two spikes into your knee caps with a sledgehammer

My knees are SO messed up, maybe the spikes would help?

February 1
Have a stable of remarkably sympathetic woodland creatures to confide in about romantic desires and dreams
Be capable of ending any relationship tension-free with no ensuing debate or discussion by pulling out a red card, like in soccer?

Woodland creatures, ftw!

February 2
Have elastic lips
Reflective calves?

Ooof. Reflective = shiny. which is good. But elastic lips might come in handy when I have issues with my braces! What to pick, what to pick… I think I’m going to go with elastic lips.

February 3
Be proposed to in the new york times crossword puzzle
with skywriting?

SKYWRITING. I would never ever finish a new york times crossword puzzle (or any puzzle, for that matter) so I would never see it lol

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