February 11
Never miss throwing a quarter into a tollbooth basket
defecate miniature models of famous Rodin sculptures?

Throwing quarters. Even though I have ezpass lol

February 12
Have your cell phone ring function set on wet, hacking cough
surly frenchman?


February 13/14
Be extruded through a spaghetti machine
be buried alive in a pit of play-doh.

umm play-doh i guess

February 15
Have a working outlet in the roof of your mouth
have lilac-scented body odor?

Umm lilac body odor because Im not sure an outlet in the roof of my mouth would be that safe – plus I think I already have one in my belly button?

February 16
Have fingers that can staple
saliva with naturally adhesive qualities?

As a scrapbooker, I must got with adhesive. that would come in really handy lol

February 17
Have a manicurist
A donkey?

Umm manicurist lol not sure how id use a donkey.

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