February 18
For your wedding – have a paintball war at the reception
Enter down the aisle to the tune of “we’re not gonna take it” by twisted sister?

OMG! PAINTBALL! haha I was just saying the other night how I wanted to play paintball. Wedding reception is as good a time as ever.

February 19
Live in a world without skin moisturizer
cream cheese?

Oooh. I guess I’ll go with cream cheese – but that one was kind of tough

February 20/21
Have a miniature golf course lawn
an air hockey dinner table

Air hockey dinner table. Air hockey rules.

February 22
Have 15 fingers
3 tongues

Hmm. I’m going to go with 15 fingers.

February 23
Sneeze with the force of a double barrel shotgun
Pass wind with the same force?

HAHA. Sneeze.

February 24
Always have to wear hot pants
A parrot on your shoulder.

Parrot. No contest.

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