What Will You Do There? IOWA

One of my “fun facts” about me in my online dating profiles is that I’m trying to get to all 50 states and am over halfway there.  The first follow up question is usually, which of the states you have left do you want to visit the most?  My answer is usually Alaska.  Then it turns into a “but what will you do once you get there?” and for some states I have a vague idea of some sort of touristy type thing to check out and others I have no clue. (See a Hanson concert there goes without saying, though I do need to go back to a few states to get my lists to sync up)  Since for the most part I am home and have far too much free time on my hands and a lot of wanderlust, I decided to do some googling to see a few fun things I can maybe check out when I finally get to visit these states.

This state is a GO for August… but here’s what I had come up with when I first started researching.  Be sure to come back in August to see where I actually ended up!

In 2020, MLB was going to be playing a game at the “Field of Dreams” Dyersville, IA location. I had thought about possibly going, but it ended up canceled, just like everything else.  Hanson also was going to be playing at the state fair in Des Moines not too long after.  It turns out both have been rescheduled for August 2021 – about 5 days apart. If I can figure out what to do in the interim, that might be a fun trip to pull off.  Either way, for Iowa I think a trip to the Field of Dreams set is a given. As far as penny locations, the Botanical Gardens looks interesting, the State Fair seems to have machines at times and one of the minor leagues of the Cubs has a team with a machine as well.

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