I am 99% certain that I picked this book because it looked like it had a Hogwarts letter on the front cover.  However, I am glad that I ended up picking it out to read even if it was for a completely ridiculous reason.  It had a couple things I am growing sick of in my romance novels being characters with ridiculous names – the lead in this one is “Chessie” which is apparently some sort of crazy nickname for Francesca.  The other is that the guy ends up taking the girl to be dom/sub.  It’s been over done and it’s not doing anything for me anymore.  Fortunately if you pull these elements out of the book, the rest of the story that is left was still worth my while.

Chessie is the admin assistant for the super sexy Nick Tarantino.  But as she is his employee, she chooses not to act on this infatuation she has had with him since she started the job.  But now her time as come as he is stepping down from the company – she considers calling him but ends up chickening out – when a mysterious letter appears on her desk simply saying “Tonight”  When she arrives home there’s a mysterious package with a sexy outfit picked out just for her.  Does she go when a limo shows up at her door? Or does she stay always wondering what is to come?  Well .. I tried to tease you but considering my opening paragraph you’re probably pretty sure she goes. And she does. But I’ll let you find out just what goes down in the limo… for yourself. (You’ll see what I did there.)

I received a free e-copy of this book in order to write this review. I was not otherwise compensated.

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