Back to the Island 2017

I am back home from my 5th Back to the Island. ¬†More in depth reviews and posts with pictures come probably next week but I figured I’d give a brief recap!

  • The themes for the shows were “Rock All Night” “Acoustic” and “Members Only”
  • I got 7 new songs added to my list – 4 from Isaac’s solo show, 2 from Taylor’s solo show and 1 from the Members Only set
  • Of the 7 new songs – one was the one I have been waiting to hear since 2003!!!!
  • (Now I’m not sure which new song I’ve never heard to obsess over)
  • We rode a paddle boat and I’m pretty sure the life guard thought we were never going to come back if we went beyond the cove
  • Both Maribeth and I ended up on stage for Isaac’s activity of Family Feud.
  • Hanson only repeated 1 song and since it was “Back to the Island” so I decided it counts as no repeats¬†(acapella chorus night 1, full song the last night)
  • Andrew Ripp was amazing, as expected, and I think everyone wants him to open for Hanson’s next tour too
  • Although we went on 3 separate hermit crab hunts we never found one, though we did find 2 “real” crabs and snails
  • There was a cockroach or something similar in the bathroom one night
  • A bird pooped on my tie dye
  • Isaac did 3 songs in his solo set I didn’t even have in the hansonstage database!
  • The ribs on the last night were my favorite thing I ate ever.
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