Last week I predicted that it might be MacKenzie who went home, and that as just what happened this week – after he did one of the most over done songs ever, Hallelujah. I didn’t get to watch this week live once again, since I was at the Parachute concert (more on that tomorrow).  When I finally sat down to watch it on Saturday I found myself bored, so I think I am ok with the fact that it will be the finale this week.  While I think that both Trent and LaPorsha are great singers, it is kind of boring to have them come out and do the same thing week after week.  It’s also no secret that Dalton has me hypnotized, but at least he changes things up from week to week too.

While I would love for Dalton to make it to the Top 2, I think that he will be finishing with 3rd place, though I am happy to be wrong on this one.

I am looking forward to seeing many of the past Idols coming back for the finale to hopefully give the show a proper send off.

Also a bummer, it was announced that there would be no tour this summer with any of the finalists.  Here I was ready to shell out all sorts of cash to meet Dalton. Oh well, hopefully he will come by on his own tour in the not so distant future.