Throwback Thursday: Hanson 12/1/07


Headliner: Hanson
Opener(s): Standard of Living
Venue: Club Infinity Buffalo, NY
Cost: $28


Great Divide
Been There Before
Can’t Stop
Crazy Beautiful
Strong Enough To Break
Being Me
Blue Sky
If Only
Where’s The Love
Penny and Me
Running Man
Watch Over Me
Lost Without Each Other
Run Run Rudolph
Something Going Round
Joy To The World
Change In My Life (acapella)

Recap: Ah, this show… there was supposed to be a snow storm starting the next morning, so we were going to sleep over in a hotel for a little bit and then head out to beat the snow.  Except that when we left the venue, it had already started! So we left right away, stopping to nap here and there once we got ahead of the snow on the highway.  Probably one of the crazier things I have done for Hanson.  It ended up being the only time I have heard them sing “Joy To The World” (The 3 Dog Night song, not the Christmas carol) as of yet!

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