I have obviously been slacking with paying attention to how many are going home each week because I was surprised again to find out it was another double elimination.  Last week I predicted that Lee would go home.  When the episode started I scrambled to pick a second and decided that while I wanted it to be Tristan, somehow she is still making it through and it would be more likely that Avalon would go again.  If she is in the bottom 3 again, I can’t see the judges “saving” her again and I’m not sure why she was even in the bottom last week but I guess America didn’t love her like I love her.

The show opened with duets, this time between two of the current contestants. I was pretty excited for all the pairings but 3/4 performances fell flat for me.  I liked that Trent was back to making his faces when he sang and I thought that the pairing of Trent and LaPorsha would have been amazing but I don’t think the song choice (See You Again) was a good one.  Sonika and Avalon did Rise Up which I was not familiar with but I thought they did a pretty good performance, though nothing amazing. MacKenzie and Dalton doing I Want It That Way was obviously my favorite and it was fun to see the two of them together since they are so different style wise.  (PS Harry – pretty much no boyband lyrics make sense and they;re also rarely even grammatically correct so don’t go trying to figure out what the song means)  The performance of Lee and Tristan made me think and hope they might end up the two to go home… I love I Dont Wanna Miss A Thing but I don’t know, their rendition did nothing for me.


Then it was time for the solo performances which seemed to be Beatles Night! Ok maybe not, but 3 performances out of 8 was kind of a bit much.

LaPorsha – Come Together – I liked the change of song style and I think she did awesome!

MacKenzie – You Are So Beautiful – nice to see him w/o a guitar for a change. and just focus on his singing.

Trent – Stand By Me – its hard to critique him. It was good.

Tristan – A Broken Wing – welp. there goes one of my picks. I think I just don’t like country.

Dalton – Eleanor Rigby – still my fave.

Bottom 3: Sonika, Lee, Avalon

Avalon – PYT – I liked her performance and do hope she sticks around again

Lee – Let It Be – didn’t like this at all.

Sonika – I Have Nothing – This was good and I worry my girl Avalon may be going home…

Well, there goes one of my top 4. Such a bummer because I loved Avalon and her voice and her not wanting to change who she was for the show.  Hopefully she will be able to have a career after the show!

As far as next week.. I am sticking with Tristan as going home. Maybe if I say it enough, it will someday come true.

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