overnightMeant To Be
Can’t Help
Drive You Home
Didn’t See It Coming
The Other Side
Waiting For That Call
The Only One
Hurricane (Acoustic)


Parachute is one of the guests at Back to the Island this year.  Since this is the first year they have someone coming along that I am not familiar with, I downloaded a couple of their CDs to get familiar with their sound.  The first one I listed to was Overnight which was released in 2013.

The CD kicks off with ‘Meant to Be’ and I can’t help but try to imagine what it would sound like standing in the sand singing along “This is where you’re meant to be”, now I just have to hope they include it on their setlist!

Overall, I am loving what I am hearing and am looking forward to BTTI even more than I was before – if that is even possible!